Busch Clean Air is a specialist in excess pressure technology for exhaust gas treatment systems.

Busch Clean Air compressors for exhaust gas treatment systems offer the following advantages:

Dry-sealed and non-contact
CAN communication
Speed can be controlled
Highly efficient
Long service life

Our expertise:

Many years’ experience in working with the
automotive industry
Highly qualified staff in our Production and Assembly
Well-structured product development process and
project management system
State-of-the-art product quality planning system
(Advanced Product Quality Planning – APQP)
Use of the global Busch network in order to exchange
information and experience and collaborate in the
fields of research and development
We can offer the reliability of a company that
globally, teamed with the speed of a small team of
application experts

Air compressor Mink MA 0018 A
Volume flow < 18 m3/h
Over pressure < 0.4 bar(g)
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